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What's the difference between a forum subscription and a favorite?
What's the difference between a forum subscription and a favorite?

Learn how you can use subscriptions and favorites on the forum and where you can access your subscriptions and favorite later.

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When you come across a helpful thread on the forum, you can save them in two different ways:

  1. Subscribing

  2. Favoriting


By subscribing to a thread, you will receive an email notification whenever someone comments on that thread. You will continue receiving email notifications unless you unsubscribe.

You can subscribe to a thread by navigating to the Community forum, finding a thread, and clicking the "Subscribe to this thread" button:

To unsubscribe from a thread, find the thread and click the, "Unsubscribe from this thread" button:


Favoriting a forum thread helps you save useful thread for viewing at a later time, but you won't get email notifications is the thread is updated. You can think of favoriting as a way to "bookmark" your favorite threads.

To favorite a thread, navigate to the Community forum, find a thread you'd like to favorite, and click the "Add to favorites" button:

To remove a thread from your favorites, click the "Unfavorite" button:

Accessing your subscriptions and favorites

You can easily refer back to and manage your subscriptions and favorites! 

1. Click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner, and click View Profile

2. Click to see your Favorites...

3. And / or your Subscriptions

4. You can view and manage your Favorites and Subscriptions here by clicking "Remove From Favorites" or...

5. "Unsubscribe from this Thread."

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