When you come across a helpful thread on the forum, you can save them in two different ways:

  1. Subscribing
  2. Favoriting


By subscribing to a thread, you will receive an email notification whenever someone comments on that thread. You will continue receiving email notifications unless you unsubscribe.

You can subscribe to a thread by navigating to the Community forum, finding a thread, and clicking the "Subscribe to this thread" button:

To unsubscribe from a thread, find the thread and click the, "Unsubscribe from this thread" button:


Favoriting a forum thread helps you save useful thread for viewing at a later time, but you won't get email notifications is the thread is updated. You can think of favoriting as a way to "bookmark" your favorite threads.

To favorite a thread, navigate to the Community forum, find a thread you'd like to favorite, and click the "Add to favorites" button:

To remove a thread from your favorites, click the "Remove from favorites" button:

Accessing your subscriptions and favorites

You can easily refer back to and manage your subscriptions and favorites! 

1. Click Account, and then click View Your Profile

2. Click to see your Favorites...

3. And / or your Subscriptions

4. You can view and manage your Favorites and Subscriptions here by clicking "Remove From Favorites" or...

5. "Unsubscribe from this Thread."

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