The My Instagram Playbook Master Class will start August 2019. 

This master class will help you create your own custom Instagram Playbook to help you fine-tune your Instagram strategy. We'll go through each section of the playbook one-by-one with instructional videos, host a Live Q&A for master class individuals only, and give you access to your own Instagram Playbook template. Plus, you'll have the chance to connect with fellow master class attendees and the Food Blogger Pro team in an exclusive Slack group.

How do I sign up?

If you're not a Food Blogger Pro member...You can sign up for a yearly membership:

If you're a yearly-paying Food Blogger Pro member...You're good to go! You'll get more information about Edit Academy as we get closer to its launch date. 

If you're a monthly-paying Food Blogger Pro member...You need to upgrade to a yearly membership by Thursday, July 25 if you're interested in getting access to the My Instagram Playbook Master Class. Luckily, you can easily upgrade your membership to a yearly membership by following these instructions:

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