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How to enable autoplay on Food Blogger Pro
How to enable autoplay on Food Blogger Pro
Updated over a week ago

Good news! You can enable autoplay in your browser so that Food Blogger Pro lesson videos will automatically play one after the other. Here's how:

Enable autoplay on Food Blogger Pro

1. Go to a lesson video and turn the autoplay toggle to "On"

2. Once you do that, you may see the following message. If so, you'll need to enable autoplay in your browser. Below you'll find instructions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.



According to Google, autoplay with sound will be permitted if your Media Engagement Index (MEI) threshold for Food Blogger Pro has been crossed. The MEI is a fancy way of asking, "How engaged are you with this site?"

If autoplay isn't currently working for you on Food Blogger Pro, you can: 

1. Click "Disable autoplay" in the popup
2. Watch one video without autoplay
3. Manually click to the next lesson video
4. Turn autoplay back on, and your MEI should be at the correct level


1. Open Firefox, and go to a lesson video on Food Blogger Pro (find them at

2. Click the padlock button and turn the Autoplay permission to "Allow Audio and Video"


1. Open Safari and go to

2. Click Safari > Preferences

3. Go to Auto-Play, and switch the drop-down to "Allow All Auto-Play" for


1. Open Edge, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner, and click Settings

2. Search for "autoplay"

3. Scroll down and click Media autoplay

4. Change the drop-down menu to "Allow"



A quick note: You can easy auto-advance lesson videos on iOS by turning on the autoplay toggle –– this means that when one video is finished, the next video will load automatically.

Autoplay only works when the videos are muted, so you'll need to unmute each video when it starts playing.


Instructions coming soon!

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