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What do the course emblems mean?
What do the course emblems mean?
Updated over a week ago

We're always working to create new and up-to-date course content for our members. So that our members have a clearer picture of what’s new and what has recently been updated, we've established an "emblem" system for the site:

🎉 New Course

You'll see a green "New Course" emblem if the course has been published within the past three months. It's brand new to the site, so be sure to be on the lookout for this designation so you can stay up-to-date on our latest and greatest courses!

🪄 Recently Updated

You'll see a light blue "Recently Updated" emblem if the course has existed on Food Blogger Pro in the past and the lessons have been updated within the past three months. Blogging changes quickly! So you can take comfort in the fact that we’re covering the latest recommendations and strategies in our courses.

💎 Timeless Classic

An orange "Timeless Classic" emblem will appear on courses that are always up-to-date because they're about topics that don't change very much. Some of our Timeless Classic courses include:

  • Branding Basics for Bloggers

  • Props for Food Photography

  • How to Write Recipes

  • CSS Basics for Bloggers

  • Email Marketing 101

  • Blogging as a Business

Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions about our courses by emailing us at [email protected]. 😊

Interested in seeing all of our courses? Head here to see the full list!

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