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Customize Your Dashboard and Choose Your Focuses
Customize Your Dashboard and Choose Your Focuses
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The Member Dashboard is the first page you'll see when you log in. In the Crush Your Goals section, you'll find links to Focus pages.

Focus pages help members dive deep into specific topics:

The Crush Your Goals module of the Food Blogger Pro Member Dashboard

We've identified 22 of the top topics that food bloggers and members want to explore (ranging from SEO to photography to Instagram) and created curated Focus pages for each. Then we assigned our most relevant content to each Focus page:

These Focus pages allow members to find and hone in on the information that matters most to them.

Choose Your Focus

You can select up to six Focuses show up on your dashboard! To do so:

  • Click Explore All Topics to be taken to the Focus overview page

  • Hover over the topic you'd like to favorite and clicking the star icon

Gif of favoriting a focus

You can also "star" a topic as a favorite on individual Focus pages:

an arrow pointing to the staring feature on a Focus page
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